Best Gaming Laptop Under 60000 with Gtx 1650

Gaming laptops come in 3 performance tiers – Entry level, mid-range, and performance. Entry-level laptops are great for casual gaming and can run most of the games at 1080p, but modern, heavy titles like Cyberpunk 2077 or Saints Row will have difficulty running.

For mid and performance level gaming laptops you can check our guides on laptops under 90000 and laptops under 1.5 lakhs, these guides consists of some of the best gaming laptop from top brands like asus, hp, apple, etc.

In the price range of ₹50000 to ₹60000, GTX 1650 is a GPU that is the most popular and is seen in most of the laptops in this price range. This doesn’t cost a lot, and they can replace a lot of work laptops in this price range because of their higher performance.

Entry-level gaming laptops are also good for content creation tasks like photo, video editing, or coding. But if you are serious about editing you might like to know about best video editing laptops at similar price range, Such laptops work as work/gaming laptops because of their price.

If you are looking for a laptop in this price range, here are the best gaming laptop under 60000 with GTX 1650.

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